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Welcome to Driving Me Cray-Z LLC.  My name is Tara and I started this company after many years of drug/alcohol addiction and recovery.  My time in the Justice System taught me a lot about the needs of addicts/alcoholics when their world feels like it is closing out from under them and they have no other choice but to go back to the life of using/drinking.  

Here at Driving Me Cray-Z LLC, we are here to help people who are stuck in this cycle become contributing members of society and change their lives for the better.  There are many different contributors to why a person is the way they are. 

However, here at Driving Me Cray-Z LLC we don't believe addiction/alcoholism defines who you are.  We believe that it is a part of you that you can learn from and use to find the real you out of.  We have helped many people get the help they need, get through the darkest times of their lives and recover.  Becoming the person they always wanted to be and seeing that addiction/alcoholism is NOT who they are but it is a part of who they were.

Feel free to use the form below to ask anything.  If we have the means to assist or find you assistance with your question or issue we absolutely will.  

We offer transportation when pre-scheduled at reduced rates to assist those in outer areas make it to their obligations so that they do not have to worry about probation/parole.drug court violations on technicalities that they just didn't have a ride.

Driving Me Cray-Z LLC


Contact Us

Thank you for reaching out to us. We will get back to you withing 24 hours. If you need assistance sooner pleasse call us.

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